For the Love of Cheesecake"For the Love of Cheesecake" combines the creative brilliance of Ketchikan, Alaska residents Shauna Lee and Susan Heisler. Susan's love of inventing new recipes and Shauna's ability to whip up an entertaining tale at the drop of the hat will make this book a favorite.

Susan has been dishing up incredible fare from her kitchen for years and is well known for coming up with new ways to mix together favorite ingredients, much to the delight of family and friends. Susan's cheesecakes are legend from Alaska to Arizona. Her knack for blending flavors is pure culinary genius and her enthusiasm for creating is evident as you will discover in the recipes contained in this delightful cookbook..

Shauna began writing stories, poems, songs, and plays when she was just a wee child. She has a unique gift for capturing the essence of the people she writes about and her stories will make you smile and beg for more. In addition to being a talented writer, she is a popular vocalist with The Ratfish Wranglers.  Check out “Cannery Girl” on YouTube.  Or listen to a sampling of Shauna’s first CD, "Live at Steamers", available locally and online. 

You will enjoy this book. Susan's cheesecakes are easy to make, indulgent, luscious, and delectable. And while your own scrumptious cheesecake cools on the rack, Shauna's stories will keep you entertained and warm your heart. So grab your spring-form pan and bake up something yummy for your loved ones, even if that means just you.

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Listen to a sampling from “Live at Steamers
The Ratfish Wranglers “Cannery Girl” on YouTube

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For the Love of Cheesecake

A scandalous collection of love stories and fabulous cheesecake recipes from the Last Frontier. Written by Shauna Lee with recipes from the kitchen of Susan Heisler, you will every page of this wonderful cookbook…

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“For the Love of Cheesecake”
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