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Jake's Special

Jake's Special, Plain Cherry CheesecakeHe was a simple man living in a simple time.

His brawny shoulders ached against his plaid shirt as he swung his mighty axe against the oak. A fine sheen of sweat covered his tawny flesh as he toiled away from dawn to dusk. He knew that there was something special waiting for him - something that would make all this work worthwhile.

He looked out across the land that he had worked so hard for. The rolling hills and plunging valleys before him were like a woman beckoning him home. He would conquer all of her in time.

As the sun dipped below the horizon he made his way back to the cabin where his reward was waiting. He tossed his saw and axe aside and pulled off his large leather boots. He burst through the cabin door, his chest heaving with anticipation.

And there was his prize. Naked and vulnerable on the table. Only a can of cherries offered any distraction from his steely gaze.

Simple, naked, sweet and creamy.

Printer Friendly RecipePlain Cheesecake with a can of cherries - for a simple man - with simple desires.

Inspired by Jake Justus himself, a tried and true timber beast with a love of Hawaiian shirts, sailing, and the simple things in life.

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“For the Love of Cheesecake’
Shauna Lee & Susan Heisler
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

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